Happiness Speaking Course for Iranian Nurses

Some people believe that the ultimate purpose of life is to be happy. I agree with them!

Happiness (Speaking) Course is a six-hour course in eight sessions that helps intermediate (and upper-intermediate) learners practice what they’ve learned so far and add more to their knowledge and skills.

Here are the main topics of each session:

1. What is happiness?

2. What helps you feel happy?

3. Comedy movies/books

4. How to help others feel happy

5. The effects of happiness on our body

6. A few articles about happiness

7. Let’s discuss some quotes about happiness!

8. What can you do to be happier from now on?

Please text or call 920 930 24 28 for more information!


English Speaking Courses for Iranian Nurses

Why should Iranian nurses be good at speaking English?

I’ve been teaching English to Iranian nurses since 2017. Almost all our nurses are very good at reading English texts and books, but around seventy percent can’t speak English confidently.

There are two crucial reasons why Iranian nurses should be able to communicate confidently in English: 1. to connect with nurses from around the world (to broaden their knowledge) and 2. to communicate effectively with a foreign patient (especially in a megacity like Tehran).

Chatty Nurse helps Iranian nurses enhance their English speaking skills. You can enjoy speaking English in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Contact 920 930 24 28 for more information!